My name is Ruth and I wanted to take a few minutes to tell you a little bit about myself and why I started Inspired Reflections over twenty years ago. I have a background in psychology and psychotherapy, and I was always passionate about helping people to understand themselves better and to improve their lives. At the same time however, I always felt that there was something missing in the ‘clinical’ field of psychology.


Soon after I immigrated from South Africa to Toronto in 1995, I happened upon a Reiki course which opened my mind up to the world of intuitive energy healing. It is safe to say that I was forever altered by that course. Through my Reiki practice I learned how to read the energy of people using only a photograph of their face. I was suddenly able to draw on higher mind thinking as well as the guidance of the client’s spirit guide and angel network, when posing any question about their health or well-being. Most importantly I had finally managed to bypass the ego mind (of the client and my own) and to successfully touch the ‘heart of the matter’ for my client.


In addition to maintaining a successful energy psychotherapy practice over a number of years, I also expanded my channelling work. I developed a relationship with my spirit guides and guardian angels through automatic writing, which culminated in my first published book.

‘The Way Home’ – Spiritual wisdom for your life’s journey – is a channelled book, partly autobiographical, which outlines a personal journey through grief and loss. Contained within the book are direct quotes from various spirit guides that I encountered. It is my hope that whomever reads this book is deeply touched by its messages and is inspired to find their way home to truth and ultimate fulfilment.


I offer custom readings where deep personal questions are answered.

What our customers say?

My patients see me for their physical and emotional ailments, however in order to attain true and lasting health and fulfillment I always recommend they embark on a journey to connect with their soul. Ruth Bogatie is a highly intuitive and skilled spiritual psychologist and energy medicine practitioner. Through her fusion of these fields of healing she provides an opportunity for people to access their higher selves and discover their own answers and guidance from within. I highly recommend my patients see Ruth to help them discover greater health and fulfillment.

Dr. Cara Flamer, MD

Ruth is a truly gifted healer. I have repeatedly been impressed with her ability to reach patients at their core level and transform lives. I have and will continue to refer my patients to her with the utmost confidence.

Dr. Vic Sondhi, D.C., Mississauga

In my darkest moments a voice reaches out to me, from over 8000 miles away, a voice of love and healing. With a knowingness that I cannot explain, this voice touches my soul. And with an old wisdom finds the places of greatest woundedness and blesses the pain with a balm that soothes and brings great comfort.

Jodi, Psychologist, South Africa

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