The Way Home

Our spiritual path is not a linear one. ‘The way home’ is not a straight path. It is filled with the twists
and turns of experience. My hope is that if you have found yourself with this book…that somewhere
within these pages will be the missing piece to whatever puzzle you are striving to put together…to bring you home to the infinite being of light that you truly are.

~ Ruth Bogatie in The Way Home


About the Author

Ruth Bogatie left South Africa with an honours degree in psychology. In Toronto, Canada, she furthered her education through the study of holistic psychotherapy and Reiki energy healing. Her unique combination of therapy and inspired soul readings has helped countless clients around the world. In The Way Home, Ruth channels wisdom from her spirit guides. She lives in Toronto with her husband and two daughters.


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The Story behind The Way Home

Devora was Ruth’s first-born daughter. With her birth and subsequent physical challenges, Ruth was catapulted along an intense journey as she navigated parenthood and went on to have another two daughters.

Concomitant to this, Ruth built a career of helping people both as an energy psychotherapist and healer. Ruth studied Reiki and her intuitive gifts and compassionate nature began to manifest in powerful inspired reflection readings that were profound and relevant to her clients.

The painful loss of Devora at the age of fourteen propelled Ruth to search for answers to life’s deepest questions. She met a spiritual teacher and intuitive mentor who quickly identified the ‘channel’ within her, and taught her how to connect with her spirit guides. This teacher encouraged Ruth to expand her channeling abilities to include communication with the guides and with Devora.

Ruth had begun a journey to heal her grief from Devora’s loss. She found herself being woken up gently by her spirit guides and she would make her way down to her peaceful sanctuary. She asked for and channeled guidance. And The Way Home came to be.


More quotes from The Way Home

“We are human as well as spiritual beings. We exist as both, and at the same time. It is for us to strike the correct balance between the two.”

“The spirit world waits patiently for us to wake up. It’s a new dawn and a new day… Will we fill it with the same experiences as yesterday? Or will we busy ourselves with fulfiling our true potential as spiritual beings?”

“The more we are prepared to go above our physical nature and strive to connect with our spiritual selves, the more connected we will automatically feel.”

“We should never forget that we came to this planet to fulfil a purpose and a soul destiny.”

“Forgiveness is paramount. We have become stuck in the blame game for far too long.”

“We can all begin to work on creating more harmony in our lives—which starts with creating peaceful thoughts in our minds.”

“There are no wrong turns on this journey called life, only different realities for us to experience at any given moment.”

“We have created impossibly high standards for ourselves, ideals to practice, to live by, or by which to give ourselves a failing grade.”

“Nobody told us it had to be perfect, or even how it had to be at all. This is all on us. This is all (again) our creation.”


Advance Reviews for — The Way Home

In The Way Home, Ruth Bogatie writes with the courage of a mother’s heart, and the wisdom that comes from finding her own soul. This touching story of Devora and the Divine teaches us how beautiful this life can be, when we remember to look at it from the perspective of grace. A lovely memoir and spiritual handbook. Highly recommended! ~ Sara Wiseman, spiritual teacher and award-winning author of Living a Life of Gratitude

The Way Home is a divinely inspired guide to setting yourself free, delivered with honesty and compassion. It has the power to change many lives and ease a lot of suffering. Loving wisdom that this world so desperately needs to illuminate the path home. ~ Vic Sondhi, DC

Ruth asks questions we long to but don’t have the courage to ask. They allow the reader to share in her journey of transformation and benefit from her process. The wisdom is relevant to every one of us and illuminates our own way home. Her perspective is unique, as a mother of Devorah and an intuitive healer. ~ Cara Flamer, MD

All I can say is—incredible! Raw, vulnerable and open. A moving tribute to Devora, the author’s late daughter. This beautiful story is a testimony on how to connect with our higher selves and live in true alignment with our soul’s purpose. Ruth generously shares concrete tools to apply in our daily lives. Thank you for the honour of reading this book. Truly moving and inspirational. ~ Steffi Black, former Global T.V. personality; featured author in ‘Ready, Aim, Thrive’—an Amazon bestseller Life and Career Coach and Kindness Advocate

In The Way Home, author Ruth Bogatie bares her soul, sharing intimate details of a profound personal loss with candor that often surprises and continually inspires. An original voice that takes the reader on an elucidating journey to an ever-deepening exploration of true faith and spirituality. As someone seeking enlightenment, I was motivated to deepen my connection with my own spiritual guides. A must-read for anyone who has suffered loss and is struggling to find their way home to a peaceful heart. ~ Bonnie Black, actor, choreographer, director, editor and administrator in the not-for-profit sector

Ruth’s account of her journey from trauma and grief to love and understanding is truly inspiring. Through the gift of her channeling, she shares much insight and wisdom. ~ Alain Schwarzbart, Certified Hypnotist and Kabbalah student

Ruth’s passion to help and guide people to their true nature is incredible. The Way Home is a practical tool to bring more peace and harmony into your life and relationships. Thank you Ruth for sharing this wisdom with the world! ~ Jonny Belinko: Yoga Teacher, and Wedding Officiant


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What our customers say?

My patients see me for their physical and emotional ailments, however in order to attain true and lasting health and fulfillment I always recommend they embark on a journey to connect with their soul. Ruth Bogatie is a highly intuitive and skilled spiritual psychologist and energy medicine practitioner. Through her fusion of these fields of healing she provides an opportunity for people to access their higher selves and discover their own answers and guidance from within. I highly recommend my patients see Ruth to help them discover greater health and fulfillment.

Dr. Cara Flamer, MD

Ruth is a truly gifted healer. I have repeatedly been impressed with her ability to reach patients at their core level and transform lives. I have and will continue to refer my patients to her with the utmost confidence.

Dr. Vic Sondhi, D.C., Mississauga

In my darkest moments a voice reaches out to me, from over 8000 miles away, a voice of love and healing. With a knowingness that I cannot explain, this voice touches my soul. And with an old wisdom finds the places of greatest woundedness and blesses the pain with a balm that soothes and brings great comfort.

Jodi, Psychologist, South Africa

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