1. What is the main difference between this type of psychotherapy and other forms of psychotherapy, counseling or psychology?

This type of therapy includes energy work. What this means in essence, is that the therapy moves beyond the five senses, into the realm of higher mind thinking, past lives and energy blockages. In this way, healing becomes a more complete experience, encompassing Mind, Body and Soul.

2. Who would be an ideal candidate for this type of approach to healing and psychotherapy?

Anyone who is ready to move to the next level in their life. A wide variety of symptoms and issues are manifested and resolved, within this type of therapeutic setting.

3. I have been to numerous therapists, practitioners and healers, without feeling satisfied with the results. How can I guarantee that this will be helpful to me?

The original combination of energy healing and psychotherapy, client-centered approach, together with the very unique Inspired Reflections Reading, all contribute to ensuring that each individual is given maximum opportunity for personal growth and transformation.

4. Can IR help in cases of physical pain and chronic illness?

The energy work offered at Inspired Reflections is healing in itself, for all cases of physical pain and discomfort. Also, such healing modalities, as are practiced at IR, are specifically aimed at going beyond whatever symptom a person is presenting, to the core, underlying cause of their pain or illness. Once the energy blockage has been removed or the faulty belief system has been corrected, a person then becomes free to create a different reality for themselves.

5. Where do I begin in my journey towards self-discovery, with Inspired Reflections?

Desire, is all you would require in order to move forward with this work. Having said that: I would recommend beginning the process with a Reading. A Reading provides a person with a blueprint of one’s personal journey, highlighting one’s struggles, stumbling blocks, and providing one with intuitive guidance from the wisdom of one’s Soul.

6. What would be the value in having an IR Reading done?

It has been my experience that people can be very unclear about what their core beliefs are, as well as their personal stumbling blocks. What this means in practical terms, is that they will either be attracting to themselves that which they do not want into their lives, and /or they will continue to fall short of reaching their full potential and intended goals. The power of the IR Reading lies in having a person to access, read into, and translate our Soul’s deepest desires and yearnings for us, together with an ability to uncover the particular blocks and obstacles which stand in our way.

7. Are the Readings time specific?

Time is a human construct, which does not exist in the energetic world. Therefore, an IR Reading and the information it contains, will be relevant to a person’s past, present and future life. Moreover, as a therapist, I find the wisdom that is channeled through in the various readings to be extremely beneficial and powerful. As such I will often, if not always, find myself referring back to a person’s Reading at various stages throughout their therapy process.

8. How can I use the information that comes through for me in the Reading, to improve my life in a practical way ?

Whether you receive insight about a relationship, career choice, or a message about personal growth, the resulting gift from the Reading will always be increased clarity on one’s life. The next step to take, would be to follow through on the guidance and heed the messages that one is given. But, it all starts with the awareness of one’s own particular stumbling blocks, and then of course the understanding of the healing that needs to take place.

9. Should I have any questions in mind, when I order a Reading?

I always suggest to my clients that prior to requesting a reading, they think of any areas within their life which may be problematic or unclear, and to email me some questions before I begin. This structured line of questioning is by no means a prerequisite for a successful reading, the information will flow just as well without it, but sometimes I will “get” a direct answer to a question, from Higher Self Mind. In any event, the questions will always serve to focus a person more within.

10. What would be some examples of questions that I may have before beginning a Reading?

Due to the unique and individual nature of each person, so too will their questions be diverse and varied. However, examples of questions might include: What is my Higher Purpose? Or, what is my next step to be? Or, what is blocking me from finding my Soul-mate in this life? I would recommend going to the Inspired Reflections Readings page, as it is filled with examples and excerpts from Readings that I have already completed. This should give you a clear idea of the type of information that one could expect from these Readings.

11. How important is the actual photograph in the whole process?

The photograph is simply a tool for me to connect with a person’s energy. It is specifically though the eyes that this connection is made, therefore it is most important for me to be able to see the person’s eyes clearly. A person’s emotional state once the photograph was taken is usually not significant at all. However, I would say that the picture should not be more than seven years old.


I offer custom readings where deep personal questions are answered.

What our customers say?

My patients see me for their physical and emotional ailments, however in order to attain true and lasting health and fulfillment I always recommend they embark on a journey to connect with their soul. Ruth Bogatie is a highly intuitive and skilled spiritual psychologist and energy medicine practitioner. Through her fusion of these fields of healing she provides an opportunity for people to access their higher selves and discover their own answers and guidance from within. I highly recommend my patients see Ruth to help them discover greater health and fulfillment.

Dr. Cara Flamer, MD

Ruth is a truly gifted healer. I have repeatedly been impressed with her ability to reach patients at their core level and transform lives. I have and will continue to refer my patients to her with the utmost confidence.

Dr. Vic Sondhi, D.C., Mississauga

In my darkest moments a voice reaches out to me, from over 8000 miles away, a voice of love and healing. With a knowingness that I cannot explain, this voice touches my soul. And with an old wisdom finds the places of greatest woundedness and blesses the pain with a balm that soothes and brings great comfort.

Jodi, Psychologist, South Africa

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